Fundamentals of Sound
Course#: RECA 220-01
Pantelis N. Vassilakis, Ph.D.
Recording Arts Program, School of Film & Television, Loyola Marymount University

The study of sound is a multidisciplinary field that examines the relationship between the physical world of acoustics and the perceptual world of hearing. More specifically, it examines how sound, as vibration, interacts with sound, as a physiological response, to give rise to sonic sensations/perceptions.
A solid grasp of the fundamentals of sound generation, transmission, processing, storage, and perception is essential to students who plan to pursue careers in sound reinforcement, recording, and processing for film, television, multimedia authoring, music, audio arts, and related fields. This course fulfills a requirement for all RECA majors and is a pre-requisite to all upper-division courses in the program (grade ≥B required).


Course based on lecture notes and presentations by Drs Vassilakis , Kendall, Ardila, Zhang, Sutherland, and Milicevic.
Synthesis resulting in original class content, organization, and structure 1995-2022

Audio-video examples are in .wav, .mov, mp3, and .rm (real media) formats.
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