Input File Parameters



The application can process mono, uncompressed sound files, saved in the .wav or .aif formats. Only the left channel of stereo files submitted is processed. Sound files must be at least 316ms-long for 10Hz frequency resolution (158ms-long for 20Hz frequency resolution). The maximum file length that can be processed depends on the submitted sound file's sampling and bit rates. The maximum size of files that can be submitted to the server is 12Mb, corresponding to ~2mins of mono files at 48Ksamples/sec, 16bit. 

The application will calculate roughness (or roughness profiles) based on the instantaneous spectrum at the user-specified point(s) in time.
[For more on what is meant by instantaneous spectrum see the information on the signal analysis method used.]

Note on percussive passages: Submitting solo percussive passages may give misleading roughness results. Since roughness is calculated based on instantaneous spectra at the time(s) specified, roughness sensations based on fast alterations among dense, inharmonic spectra may not be faithfully captured.


Files submitted for analysis are transferred to the application server via the network. After the analysis has been completed, the submitted files are automatically deleted. Multiple analyses of the same sound file require resubmission of the file.