Course#: 43-2310

Pantelis N. Vassilakis, Ph.D.
Chairman (2009-2016) Audio Arts & Acoustics, Columbia College Chicago
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The aim of this course is to offer students an understanding of the broad physical, physiological, and cognitive issues related to sound production and listening. This is a multidisciplinary course, examining sound from within acoustics, psychoacoustics, and cognitive psychology. The main approach is that of empirical science. The scientific study of music and of our responses to it provide a unifying theme throughout the course and demonstrations accompany the presentation of most theoretical materials and concepts.

An understanding of psychoacoustics and cognitive psychology is essential to anyone wishing to pursue a career in acoustics, recording, audio arts, sound contracting, sound reinforcement, multimedia authoring, music, or any other field that involves sound.

*All students must have access to a computer with internet, printing, and multimedia capabilities

Course based on lecture notes and presentations by Drs Vassilakis , Kendall, Ardila, Zhang, and Sutherland.
Synthesis resulting in original class content, organization, and structure 1995-2016

Audio-video examples are in .wav, .mov, and .rm formats.
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